Our Mission

TBV understands the imbalances of our body due to modern lifestyle and seeks to achieve healthy living through nature's own line of therapy.
The aim is to bring the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine system back into the mainstream and help people to lead healthier lives. Our product are formulated with utmost love and a promise of premium quality.

100% Organic

Pure Vegan

No Additives

Gluten Free

Premium Quality

Pure & Raw

How Diabcare improves your lifestyle

Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Regulate Insulin Production

Keep Low Cholesterol

Improves Metabolism

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A healthy
immune system,
equals a healthy body.

How Ashwagandha improves your lifestyle ?

Sexual Wellness

Boosts Immunity

Stress & Anxiety Reliever

Improves Quality Sleep

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How Shatavri improves your lifestyle

Balancing Body Harmones

Regulate PMS & Cramps

Improves Breast Milk Production

Adaptogenic Herb

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How PowerX improves your lifestyle

Strength & Stamina Booster

Improves Sexual Wellness

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Energy & Vitality

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How Triphala improves your lifestyle

Helps in weight loss

Promotes collagen Formation

Reduce Inflammation

Enhance Digestion

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How Safed Musli improves your lifestyle

Boosts Strength & Stamina

Sexual Wellness

Boosts Energy & Vitality

Muscle Recovery

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Our Client Reviews


"Very effective in regulating sugar levels"

I ordered the DiabCare for my Mother in law and myself. It is slightly bitter blend of Jamun, Karela, Amla, Guduchi, Neem leaves and other herbs, free from any added sugar or flavours. Helped to regulate carbohydrate metabolism which kept the blood sugar levels in check.

Ankit Gupta


"Essential Supplement"

Significantly improved my anxiety & Stress and improved my quality of sleep. Feeling energetic throughout the day.

Chandresh Venkataramani


"Lesser Breakouts and Cramps"

Didn't knew Shatavari can be game changer for my periods! Used to have horrific cramps, heavy bleeding, hot flashes and mood swings. I am no longer suffering from any of those things! Noticed that I no longer have inflammation on my face and back. Really recommend to try out once.

Shalini Mehta