- PowerX,Natural muscle building supplement
- PowerX,Natural muscle building supplement
Boost testosterone,Increase power and Stamina with Powerx
Increase strength and Stamina with Powerx


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TBV’s PowerX is an impressive herbal formulation which consists of potent herbs like Safed Museli, Ashwgandha, Gokshura and Shatavari. PowerX improves energy supply to muscles, tone the male reproductive system promoting vitality, strength, sexual wellness, and healthy libido.

Apoptogenic properties in PowerX helps alleviate the anxiety & stress, calms your mind, and improves cardiovascular health.

Product Benefits:  

  • Contains super ayurvedic herbs powder like Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Gokshura etc
  • Build Muscles, Stamina and Strength
  • Improves Sexual Libido and Performance
  • Increases Vitality and Energy Level
  • Increases Testosterone
  • Control Stress and Anxiety
  • Reduce Anti Arthritis pain and Inflammation

How To Consume:  

Blend 1 tsp with Hot Milk, Milk shake or Smoothies twice a day or as directed by the physician

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How PowerX improves your lifestyle

Strength & Stamina Booster

Improves Sexual Wellness

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Energy & Vitality