Safed Musli Powder
Safed Musli Powder Benefits
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Safed Musli

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TBV’s Safed Musli is traditionally used for enhancing strength, stamina, vitality and energy level to help perform physical activities at the best possible level. This herb is a natural aphrodisiac which helps improve sperm count, motility, libido and sexual wellness. Widely used as a bodybuilding supplement to increase muscle size and reduce pain due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties

Product Benefits:  

  • Boosts Stamina & Energy Levels
  • Recover Your Muscles post exercise
  • Improves Sperm Count & Motility
  • Improve Libido and Performance
  • Relives Joint Pain
  • Reduce Arthritis inflammation
  • Improves Bone health

How To Consume:  

Blend 1 tsp with Hot Milk, Milk shake or Smoothies twice a day or as directed by the physician


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How Safed Musli improves your lifestyle

Boosts Strength & Stamina

Sexual Wellness

Boosts Energy & Vitality

Muscle Recovery