About us

‘The Body Vitals’ is new age ayurvedic company having derived its root from the 100-year-old Ayurvedic family heritage. 'TBV' strives to bring the traditional, time-tested, ancient & inherited ayurvedic formulations to 21st century customers.

At TBV, we understand the imbalances of human body due to modern lifestyle and seeks to achieve healthy living through nature's own line of therapy. Our aim is to bring the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine system back into the mainstream and help people to lead healthier lives.

In our formulations, we attempt to put forward a nature-centric approach because we believe that Nature’s therapy is the best healer where one can find solutions for each problem related to Mind and Body.

The primary requisites of living an Ayurveda-inspired healthy life include wholesome food, meditation and yoga. If you are indulging in these three practises, you can prevent a lot of diseases, lead a happy life and perform optimally every day.

An integration of the knowledge of modern scientific innovations with a broader perspective for applications of Ayurvedic principles can help in its wider acceptance globally. There is an increasing need of proving and fostering the scientific basis of the principles of Ayurveda, to keep this age-old valuable system of medicine, as a living tradition in future. We hope to keep it alive and pass it to the generations to come.